FTP Compatible

FTP Compatible Hosted File Transfer Server

We have developed our web portal to be as friendly and flexible as possible, but if you have a need to use traditional FTP then we are fully compatible. FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols are fully supported.

Unique accounts for your users

Each user can log into your service with there own username and password, which means you can identify which users uploaded and download files. You can get this information even if a user connected via an ftp client or another application which supports FTP

Supports FTP client software

The FTP client is the software program installed on your personal computer. The client’s main purpose is to allow you to transfer files to the host, as well as transfer files from the host to your computer. An FTP client offers a number of advantages. It is simple to transfer multiple files and directories between the client and the host. The ability to resume a transfer if a connection is broken is another advantage of using an FTP client. There are no file size limitations, allowing you to send hundreds of files in a single transmission. Additionally, most FTP clients offer a queuing utility, scheduling, and backup functions. Using a client offers considerably more security than using a standard web browser for FTP downloads.

For a compensive list of FTP clients Wikipedia's Comparison of FTP client software

Supports embedded FTP software

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has been part of the internet landscape since 1971, as such it has become a standard for transfering files over the internet. As a result of this FTP has found its way into a lot of applications as a way to transfer files (for example read our post about using ftp to create an off-site CCTV archive). iWeb FTP is compatible with the FTP protocol which means if your application supports FTP it will work with iWeb FTP.