Service Status & Maintenance

Current status

All services are working normally.

Planned maintenance

30th November 2023: Maintenance scheduled by our upstream providers for service migration between 00:00 and 06:00.

A 45 minute outage is predicted within the maintenance window.

Update: maintenance completed successfully. All services are fully operational once again.

Can't access your service?

The most common reason that you are unable to access your account is because your IP has been temprarily banned by our brute force mitigation.

If you have been banned, then you will not be able to access the service via SFTP, FTP, or HTTP from that IP address.

Please try to connect to the service using a different IP address, such as your mobile phone's data connetion. If you can reach the login page using the different connection, it is likely that the first IP is temporarily banned.

If you are connecting from a static IP address (check with your ISP to see whether you have a static or dynamic IP address), we can whitelist that IP address for your account's users. In the case of a changed password, you won't get banned if someone keeps trying the old password.

The ban will last for 10 minutes on the first offense, but subsequent bans will be longer.