The iWeb FTP team

iWeb is a real company with premises in Stafford and London, and a staff of 21 full-time programmers, system administrators, designers, managers and administrative staff.

When you contact our support you're speaking directly with a person who can help with your problem, either from accounts or technical.

When iWeb launched back in 1995, the World Wide Web was still in its infancy - so we were there right at the beginning. The services we offer may have evolved over that time, but our approach is still the same. We provide cutting edge solutions that utilise the latest technology and trends. And by doing so, we give your business the advantage.

In 2005 we launched our first modest FTP service, this grew rapidly in popularity and in 2007 we redeveloped our offering and launched In 2011 we set out to build a major update to the service to keep it at the top of the online storage world. Since then we've been constantly pushing out new features and enhancements, to ensure we continue to offer the very best service possible.