Notify users via email of file uploads and downloads to their spaces.


Notifications for uploads and downloads

iWeb FTP can notify users when a file transfer has completed within a space. Users can select to be informed of uploads or downloads to spaces they belong to. When you set up a user you can setup the spaces which they will be notified about.

Each user can configure their own notifications

As admin you can set up notifications for users yourself or you can allow users to do it themselves.

Users can edit notifications if you allow them to edit their own profile. As admin you can still view and update their settings if you require.

Each user is able to select which notifications they receive. Notifications are configured per space, when a user has access to a space they can opt in to received notifications for file transfers to that space.

Notification emails can be customised

Administrators can customise the message which appears in the notification email sent to users.

Notifications are batched and sent every 5 minutes

Notifications are batched up into 5 minute intervals and sent as a single email so you wont have an inbox full of file transfer notifications.